Internet Links

In addition to our own website, there are other sites on the Web that provide helpful dental information. Because we are committed to improving the oral healthcare knowledge of our patients, we are providing the following selection of links to other sites you might find interesting and informative. We have grouped some of the links into various categories to provide quick access to the topics of greatest interest to you.

If you have a suggestion for a new link, please send us an email, as we are always looking for good resources to pass along to our valued patients and visitors to our website. We hope you find these sites helpful!

  • General Dental Websites
  • The following links provide some good general information on dentistry.

  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • The AGD’s consumer information section provides information on more than 50 oral dental health topics.
  • American Dental Association
  • Provides information for the general public including dental care articles, dental insurance information, and information for students interested in dentistry.

  • Glossary of Dental Terms
  • American Dental Association’s comprehensive reference provides a glossary of dental terms as they relate to the public.
  • Oral Health Care & Products
  • Links to sites providing helpful information on oral health and home care products patients can use to maintain optimum oral health.

  • Mouth Healthy
  • The American Dental Association's new website for you, has information you need to take better care of your mouth today so it will take care of you for life. Visit this site for informative information, you will be glad you did.

  • Contains a wide variety of dental health information, including articles on women's dental health issues, child dental care information, halitosis (bad breath) section, and new dental product information.

  • Colgate Kids World
  • Colgate Kids World provides a safe, fun and educational online world for kids to play games while learning about good oral care. At Colgate Kids World you will find online videos with Dr. Rabbit, a Brush Chart and many fun games for all ages.

  • Colgate
  • Trusted resource for dental health information and oral care products.

  • Other Interesting Websites
  • Other sites of interest on the Web.
  • Healthy Smiles 2010
  • A program with a goal to combat America’s Oral Health Epidemic by improving the oral health of more than 50 million American children and their families by the year 2010.
  • National Museum of Dentistry
  • The museum, a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, is a lively national center
    where visitors learn the importance of a healthy smile and are fascinated
    by the rich history of dentistry.

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